The Temple With Six Weeks Left

With 6 weeks left until I report, stuff Is starting to get real (yes one transfer length of time at home)

Yesterday – Saturday the 30th May 2015.
I was so blessed to go through the temple and receive my endowments.

So Friday Night, huddled into a people mover, with a mix of YSA, Youth and leaders / other ward members we headed off on the long drive to The temple. Three vans and 26 people. I was lucky enough to be in a van with my YSA brother who I have been good friends with over the years. So the trip up was filled with talking, occasional doze offs, dance party in the back seat (well a one person dance party, and it wasn’t even me) Music, and memories. Conversations about missions and How far we have come over the years.
We arrived to the new Church Camp grounds ( Camp Tuhikaramea) not long after midnight. We hustled into Tents (yes tents in winter) set up our sleeping bags, and promptly tried to get in and sleep. other vans had arrived earlier and were already tucked up nice and cozy.  It was a long, freezing night.  However my 3am walk to the bathrooms revealed a gorgeous deep red moon and foggy fields. We woke up Just before 6am, Icy cold. Brilliant scenery (as pictured above)
we could see the temple. Gorgeous Low fog and a hot air balloon in the distance. stunning bright colours and cold crisp air.
Showers, church clothes. pack up. breakfast. Then at 7:30am we were off.
We arrived to the temple at 7:40am. Some quick attempt at photos, then inside we went, I wanted to attend the baptism session before I went up to do interviews and the endowment session. However the session before us was running at least 30minutes behind. So our youth didn’t even get down into the baptistery till 8:50am. So instead I was blessed enough to sit and watch my lovely youth for about 25minutes.  Mum, Steve, and I then headed up to start my first interview (to check all my details are in order)
As we sat there across the table, she went through,  my name, birth date, address, and then my parents. My temple recommend has my Birth dad’s name (Kerry) and my record has My stepdad’s name (Steve)
She was confused and Steve explained. However the moment I saw her confusion I realized My dad’s name would soon be removed. As having been sealed to Steve as my dad for time and all eternity, In the Lord’s eyes… He is my Dad.
As she said that she would need to change this. I felt peace and I have accepted this reality. Steve has always been cautious about this, especially feeling it from a father’s point of view. But I love him, and is an amazing father figure in our family.
I was then able to go receive my Initiatories. This for me was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Standing in the changing room, putting on my garments for the first time felt so right. So peaceful and so deeply content.
I then went and spoke to temple matron. Following that I spent a while sitting quietly preparing myself and talking quietly with my mother before the endowment session. I saw my grandma come it. sit beside me … then when she went to go get changed she says “save my spot or I’ll thump you” Ahahaha, some things never change :’)
My Granddad soon joined us. Not Long followed by Charles and Desiree (Uncle and Aunt) Soon a few members from my ward joined us.
We then went into the Endowment Session. A very lovely experience and I am so happy I had people I love around me. I will forever hold that dear to me.
When we got through into the celestial room, I was greeted by a rather emotional mother and a hug. All the years or pain and fighting and we finally are here together. Following her I was embraced By my wonderful  teary eyed Stepdad Steve, One seriously emotion filled hug. That made me start to cry(Steve has that affect) then I got to be embraced by each of my family members individually. A family group Hug (yes we are cool like that)   I then got to hug and speak to the other members of My ward who came to support me. Including Yvonne, Jennifer, Annette, and Carl. A few strangers even congratulated me (obvious it was a big thing maybe by the crowd of us?)  The love and peace in that room is great. My grandma typically made a comment about potentially thumping me… seriously, some things never change ;’) ahaha!
I got a few moments alone with my mum and The joy and peace of coming from where I once was through all the midst of my depression, to where I was now sitting made the tears come of pure joy and love for the amazing woman sitting beside me.
One of the most peaceful and natural feeling days of my entire life.  After that we then went down to the distribution center. I got myself a set of pocket scriptures for my mission and a nice new set for study on my mission. (a triple combination and a bible)
we all then piled back into our vans, got some lunch and then started out long journey back home just after 3pm. Another long drive and we got home a little while after 10pm.
A short temple visit. But absolutely amazing none the less. One I would not change for the world.

I am So Thankful for the blessing to have a Temple in this country, I am so blessed that I am able to attend.
The Church is true, It fills me with such Joy.
The Love of Christ and our Father in Heaven is Real. I feel it around me so often.
The Blessings of the Temple are incredible.
The Book of Mormon Is the Word of God. It is true, I know this wholeheartedly.
Just as The Doctrine and Covenants Is the word of God to The people of the restored Gospel.
As is the Bible as far as it has been translated correctly.
Thomas S. Monson Is our true living prophet on the earth Today.
I know these things, and no one can ever take this knowledge from me.

Much Love,
Kita xx


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