“Love one another”

I had a really amazing experience the other week I feel I need to share.

I was on the train to wellington and as I put my scriptures back in my bag I saw the older lady on the seat opposite mine had a booklet reading “why do we need jesus?” With a bible.
I felt a strong feeling to give a pass along card. But typically it’s the one time I dont have my wallet with me. (I keep a bunch in my wallet)
So I though I’d leave it. But then i felt impressed to do a handwritten note. I ignored the feeling for a bit, then it came again.
I so I wrote on a page in my note book saying how seeing her read scriptures made me happy. Witg an invitation to learn about more about Christ if she wanted to through lds.org or mormon.org.
As we got off the train I gave it to her and said her reading her scriptures made me happy. When she asked if I was also christian and I said yes she gave me a big hug.
A warm genuine hug from another christian trying to do the best she can.

That brief moment of joy between two people who follow christ, left me almost in tears and shaking. I could feel the spirit working through me. I could feel the love of our heavenly father for this complete stranger, and I too love her.

Remember to step outside your comfort zone and listen to those promptings. It is these moments that build deep a testimony of the infinite pure love of our Father in Heaven.
The spirit works on interesting ways, we may not always see the outcome of what we do. Do it anyway.


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