“Inspecting Invercargill”

Happy Monday everyone!!

So this week has been a complete whirlwind to say the least.

Monday I was having Lunch with mum and Steve at a cafe.
Tuesday I was meeting a bunch of new missionaries straight out of the MTC. Street contacting and bearing testimony to a group of strangers.

So we did street contacting in Wellington Central as an intake with a bunch of local-ish Missionaries. I went out with Sister Jones.
We said a prayer and headed out. The second girl we stopped to speak to, took a plan of salvation pamphlet in a heartbeat. Started asking me where our chapel was. She was maybe a year or so younger than me. We asked her if she knew the Book of Mormon and offered her a copy. She accepted gratefully and as we went to say goodbyes, I felt a strong prompting to tell her, “I want you to know, Heavenly Father Loves you. is aware of you and whatever you are going through. He wants to help”
Her face is something that I can still see. She looked overwhelmed. She looked me dead in the eye and said “Thank you. I needed to hear that”. She went on to explain she was out walking around to clear her head and she was saying halfhearted prayers and was unsure He was listening. She said we were the answer. She looked like she was about to cry. Right then I noticed her arms were covered in scars like mine, and I could literally feel the love out Heavenly Father has for this sweet girl.
I walked away practically in tears, Sister Jones and I hugged.

In an hour we gave out two Book of Mormons, a bunch of pamphlets and cards.
on our way back to mission office we were talking and Sister Jones looked at my name tag and went “OH MY GOSH! sister!!! I was looking at the intake list and saw your name and said to my companion ‘I’ll be with her, and get to do something with her’ and it just happened”
It was pretty crazy and we were laughing.

Wednesday morning I was on the plane to Christchurch before 9am. Arrived in Invercargill by 11:30am. Met my trainer (my mission mumma) Sister Delgado. SHE IS AMAZING. We get along, we laugh and sing. Testify and love. She is from Aussie. I love her so much


We got some lunch, went home put stuff away, and then we headed out to see people for the night. Met some cool families.

Thursday, we went around visiting people, trying to see less active members. Met a lady who was originally from Porirua Stake. She is feeding us next week.

We taught our main investigator about the commandments and the Sabbath day. Which went really well. Sister Delgado afterwards keep calling me “the miracle sister” because she was buzzing on how well I taught and testify without any training. She is also buzzing on how well I am adjusting.

Friday we had weekly planning. Then we went and helped out a primary activity what was a scavenger hunt thing. Followed by lunch, visiting people, dinner, then institute. No one turned up. Then we played volley ball. I got well laughed at. We were playing because we run branch activity night.

Saturday we picked up the senior couple in our tiny district from the airport. But we had arranged with the elders here to have a surprised lunch for them. So we had the elders waiting in the couple’s flat. We made a welcome home sign and all made food (fried chicken, salad, juice, jello, cookies)
We picked them up, took them home and they were so cute and thankful. We had a nice lunch.
We then went street contacting. Met some interesting people. We got hailed on and some slight snow.
We then went an visited some members / less active members. Followed by dinner with a family, who catered to my eating. Which was lovely. They have three daughters and two sons. Their oldest daughter is pretty much exactly where I was at 15, I am starting to see why the Lord wants me here.
We visited a lovely lady.

Sunday, we had church. I got to introduce myself. Made height jokes and age jokes, as well a allergy and food / missionary jokes. Had a great RS lesson on how to help build our family for eternity. We then watched Meet the Mormons over lunch at home. Went and visited a few people. Dinner at home (we made pumpkin soup earlier this week, Steve’s recipe)
Then tried to visit people with no luck. Then the last person we tried, let us in an we had a lovely visit.

Its amazing, I can feel how the Lord gives me ideas to hasten the work here. Ways that has my sis going “I had never even considered that. That is perfect.” The Lord tells me ways to help less actives I haven’t even met. Only read their record.

The promptings of the spirit are real. I see and feel them constantly. It is a complete miracle the small revelations I have. Studying this morning I read Mosiah 26: 20 which relates to the blessing we are to receive by doing his work just as he did. Verses 21-24 talks about the promises to those that come into this church through baptism.

The church is true, God is good.

Life is good.
Sister Priston-Turner 

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