“Intriguing Invercargill “

Happy PDay Everyone!!!

So much has Happened since last week!

We Had a RS morning Tea at out main investigators house, which was so funny. Sister Kerr, and I kept getting lots of “diet” advice getting chucked at us, which was interesting.
After that we Had a lesson with our Investigator about Temple Work and Eternal Marriage. It was a lovely lesson with a member there as well. I got to share my experience of being sealed to Mum and Steve and the blessing it is in my life. On our way to the rest home my companion and I both really needed to go to the bathroom. Now this lovely sister .. Sister West or (Wild Wild West as she prefers to be called) has given us access to her house if we ever need something. So on our way past we stopped by to use her rest room. As we walked in we see a “lump” in her bed. And a “HOW RUDE?!” yelled at us in a mocking tone. She was home from work because she missed the bus.
we were all in a laughing fit. I was shocked at the freedom she gave us to use her house. But it feels so much like being at home there.We then went on our way to the rest home to play Boccie (I think tha’ts spelt right) which was a great laugh and fun to run the game for them in the lounge.
We went Door knocking in the afternoon and met some interesting people. About 8pm we stopped by a young family in the ward. As we were sitting there Sister Delgado goes “Jump up on the couch next to my companion and she will read you a bed time story” their mum laughed. So next thing I was reading these two CUTE kids bed time stories. Not just one, but one each of their choice. Which was funny. Supposedly I do a good “Billy goat gruff” voice.

We had district meeting at the Hardings House (the missionary couple here, who are like parents / grandparents to us) I got to share my testimony to them and my experiences. We finished with us all trying to shove GIANT marshmallows into our mouths (4x the size of an average one i believe) AND I COULD EAT THEM. Americans to have some amazing things haha.
We went street contacting in town. As I was waiting for my  companion to finish in the rest room I said a prayer that I would find someone whilst I wait. Right as I finished my prayer an older man stopped. I spoke to him and stood there for 5 minutes talking about my role as a missionary and what we offer by teaching people.  Which was awesome just the miracle of how quickly the Lord answered my prayer. We had Dinner with a family who are originally from Porirua stake. She made us Sushi that I could eat. Which was lovely and we had a good time together, with her and her 6 kids.
We had an RS activity what was a recipe night. We all took a recipe and a sample of the recipe for everyone to try. I made Japanese egg roll. The was SO much food. Not much I could eat. But a lot of food. lots of laughter and an over full companion.

We had a lesson with our main investigator and WWW (wild wild west) on service and laws of the land. Which went perfectly, great discussion. over lunch we picked up some wool so that Sister Kerr could make us Beanies (she offered)
we then went to the rest home and played Bingo.

Quote of the week, one of the old ladies to an old man Jeff:
“the last number was 17”
Jeff: “How do you even remember that”

“Because I have a brain”
hahahahaha such a laugh being there.We then visited a sister from the branch who needed us to dig ground coffee around her Rhubarb plant. So her and sister Delgado watched as I dug it in.

We had dinner with the Wonderful Wild Wild West, we watched a short church movie whilst we ate.
We also stopped by a former investigator and set up a time to start teaching again.

We made roast veges whilst doing weekly planning and a garlic sauce. SO GOOD.
We had a meeting with Brother Kerr about a youth activity we are helping with tomorrow night (missionary prep/activity evening)
We went street contacting and met some people who seemed interested.  We got Starbucks hot chocolate to drink in the car on our way to see some people off the branch list.
We got asked to teach Institute. So at 6pm we taught Sister Harding and one lady from the branch. A lesson on Jehovah and his pre-mortal ministry. My Goodness, the spirit was so strong. By half way through my teaching part, I was borderline tears overwhelmed with the spirit confirming the truth of what happened in the pre-mortal existence. In the end of the class all four of us in the room were overcome and in tears.
We were also running activities night. So we played a bunch of games, like egg n spoon race, wheelbarrow race … etc etc etc/ which was a great laugh. Also played a jumping game, I have the furthest one leg hop out of all the other girls, despite my height. Hahaha.
Sister Delgado gave me a shoulder ride, which to be honest was slightly scary.
My lovely companion has become rather fond of tackle hugging me right as I start to fall asleep. SO KIND. But I love the great companionship we have where we can laugh and be silly.

We had meetings in the morning. Then a lesson with the old investigator that went really well, he said he believed it all and knows it is true. So we will see where he goes in the future.
We went street contacting, and people contacting off branch list. Followed by dinner with the Kerr family. Love them so much, good laughs and we got given the Beanies the amazing Sister Kerr made us…. we went home slightly early because everyone was out, or busy. So we did some planning that I will tell you soon enough. Then I did my companions makeup and we were silly singing to EFY music.

I got tackle hugged the second the alarm went off. We had church, which was great as always. not much to say about that, because we did the training lesson from the first presidency about sabbath day observance.  We visited lots of people and had a lovely afternoon.
It was also our district leader’s Birthday (Elder Lyon) he turned 20.

So over all a busy week.
My district is so young. Elder Williams is only 18, almost 19.
Elder Lyon is now 20, and my Companion turns 21 next week (August 5th)

We have interviews with Mission president this week.
Sisters Pday next monday with the STL’s (so may not have time to email) Exchanges next week, zone training next week, and Sister Delgados Birthday that I hope to find a way to celebrate.
As well as a bunch of other people to see, and things to do.I have 1 minute on here left.
So Please email me ( crystal.priston-turner@myldsmail.net)
or send me a letter 2/22 Catherine st, Invercargill.

love you all so much xxx


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