Insane Invercargill

No the people are not insane (well slightly) But we sure are!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!
So how  to update since I last wrote, well there is a lot.

we went out to some waterfalls. The drive was stunning and sunny, playing EFY music and laughing with snacks. I got to see a hill for the first time since I left home. Its all flat in Invercargill, it throws off my sense of direction so badly. So I was so happy to see land and hills again. It was one of those *deep breath* moments. We missed our turn and took an extra 15 minute drive to Waikawa ahaha, but it is beautiful there. After a few hours of wild goose chasing we met out STLs (sister training leaders) Sister Phillips and Sister Breakall at the waterfall car park…. but the Gore sister were not there. So we waited and called. (terrible service) and we got nothing. So after taking timer photos whilst waiting, we walked to see the falls without them.
They were pretty, I didn’t realize how much I had missed the damp forest floor smell till I got there, oh it was goood!  After the lovely walk and talking, we decided we would go try find the Gore sisters. They had gone to another waterfall about 15 minutes away. We found them parked on the side of the road. Sister Iva and Sister Breshears. We all had a catch up, The STLs pulled out a chocolate slice with “21” candles in it and we all sang happy Birthday to Sister Dlegado, pulled party poppers and talked for a bit. We drove home in the most gorgeous sunset, with stunning over the coast views. We didn’t get home till after 7pm. We then swapped companions. Sister Breakall and I went out to the Snelgars to teach them a FHE lesson / their oldest daughter the first lesson of the restoration. I got tackle hugged by all six kids, I am starting to belong here.


we continued with exchanges. I was with Sister Breakall. We all had a great district meeting in the morning, followed by a quick lunch. We then went to the rest home to play Boccia. BLUE TEAM WON, OH YEA!!! We visited some people, and we were walking in lovely sunny weather when FREAK HAILSTORM caught us off guard about 2 streets away from the car. That was a good laugh and we were soaked. We then did some street contacting and picked up some stuff for Sister Delgado’s Birthday Breakfast. We then went door knocking and someone invited us back!!!!!! That almost never happens. We then had dinner at the flat with our other companions. I had made a huge pot of Pumpkin soup (Steve’s recipe of course) everyone loved it. We then had correlation, and Sister Delgado and Sister Phillips went and visited people. It was a lovely day with an amazing sister. When we all went to bed I stayed up to decorate for Sister delgados birthday!

Wednesday: (more photos to come next week)
I tackled her first thing and she got a huge surprise seeing the decorations (photos next week cause I don’t have time this week)
The lovely STLs had to leave to get to another meeting. I made her a breakfast of bacon, hash browns and eggs.

After our normal morning of study we had a RS morning tea with lots of food, and great entertainment and laughter. For lunch we got some food and Kiwiyo (or in my case a sorbet) and went to Queens Park (a free park here that has animals and gardens)  on our break. We walked around looking at the animals. We then went and visited some people from the rest home, which was great. We got to know the lovely people there a bit better. They all looked grateful.
We had Dinner at the Kerrs complete with Gluten free cupcakes that I could eat! So kind. We played some board games and had a good laugh. We then went and taught a family in the branch. After that we felt prompted to go see someone early. We turned up right as she needed us. We sat there for an hour to help. We then left and decided we needed to go see the Senior couple and we did. We spent a bit of time there then went home almost a little late. We got home and the zone leaders called. We answered and they started singing happy birthday, part way through the call Mission President called so we hung up on zone leaders and sis answered weary with “hel-lo” and they were singing happy Birthday. We then finished with our normal evening. We went to bed and had some “breakfast” food in bed.


We had a full on day. We taught a lovely member of our ward WONDERFUL WILD WEST. We had put in sister Delgados pizza on low and she told us to leave it on as we popped out to grab some more lunch food. We got back and it was as West calls it “over enthusiastically brown” ahahahha we had lunch and then went and taught the lady that invited us back  when we were door knocking on Monday. That went well. We then had housies (bingo) at the rest home. We then visited people. Followed by our actual dinner appointment with Sister West. We then spent the evening visiting some interesting people. Like a guy who says he has spoken with Jesus himself more than once. We had family history training in the evening with the Hardings, which was great as normal!!

We did two hours of street contacting, we had lunch with the Hardings and another member of the Branch (seriously the Hardings cannot get rid of us), then did some door knocking followed by our weekly planning dinner.  We then went to institute with a lovely lesson on “Jesus the Jehovah of the old testament”

Then activity night was a awesome quiz night to what at one point I said “SISTER OUR CRAZY IS SHOWING”  after the night had finished the girl who is where I used to be had come up and hugged me for ages and we had a moment.


We tried to find service opportunities in the community. We had lunch and set up a few puns about our leeking sink for flat inspections. We also left our “scrabble” “out”
We had a lesson with our investigator, Sister West got us all hot chips. We spent the night visiting people.


Wwe had a lovely time at church. Sister Delgado gave a lovely talk on missionary work. After church we had branch council and even got to participate in PEC (no separate meeting, all could be discussed with the entire council!) We then spent our afternoon visiting people!  we made nice cheap nachos for dinner!!

Today we have district Pday in Bluff. Which should be fun.

Also – Elder Williams isn’t leaving so soon it turns out.
The moments I am having are so humbling the small ways I get to do the Lords work and help / touch those around me. I feel so loved here, the way the Snelgar kids all come running. The way some of the teenagers tackle me. Those sweet moments where I can see I am helping them.

Have a wonderful week.
God lives, He Loves you.
Take care of yourself.

Sister Priston-Turner


One thought on “Insane Invercargill

  1. It’s great to read your adventures!!! I hope you’re still doing well!! Sometimes I’ll be with our YSA (the small number it is) and still be like: “Hey! Where’s Akita?!?!” DX ❤ Keep up the good work!!! XxXxxxx


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