“Intensify Invercargill”

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope everyone is well! We have had an interesting week here In Invercargill!

Last Monday after doing emails we went and got food, followed by all the weird errands that seem to keep us busy on Mondays. Feels like we never have enough time to get everything done on a Monday.
We also had two family Home Evenings last week, one with a lovely family where my companion insisted I played duck duck goose (in a skirt) with the family whilst she watched…..  I became a quick fast easy target for the 5 kids playing… and their parents.

Tuesday we stayed at home most of the day (my companion forced me into bed) because I had a head cold with a lovely nice strong headache. However we did some door knocking in the evening followed by helping with a youth missionary activity. Where we had 10 stations, each station had some mission related activity. Practicing door approaches, planning a lesson, filling out missionary applications, ironing, sewing a button, quick morning workout.For each activity you got a certain amount of points. Then at the end of the evening we held an auction of things, chocolate bars, juice, random items. The youth got to bid using the points they had to get the items.
Sister Delgado and I had to shoot away a little early, to meet with mission president at someones home (he needed to interview them) All went amazing. We then had to go back to the chapel to get our bikes that were left inside. And it was 8:50pm at the lights by the chapel and we noticed the car next to us was mission president and we had 10 minutes till we had to be in our flat. But we still had to go get our bikes. My lovely companion was like “DON’T EVEN BREATHE” which ended up with me bursting out in laughter.

Wednesday we had district meeting with President and Sister Hudson. She taught us a lovely lesson, whilst President took interviews. It was lovely, so much learnt and a lovely spirit. During the interview with president I asked about my contact with home, and discovered I am not allowed to email or write males living within mission boundaries (same as every other missionary) even though I am from the mission and my family etc is in mission boundaries. Same rule still applies. So sorry to any guys I don’t reply to. I want to, trust me I do. but Obedience is key, I am not here to break the rules. Him and I discussed in length the circumstances and how it works for me. I know the boundaries and conditions for my contact at home.

Elder Williams is here till his visa to Taiwan comes through (he has only been out since… well January) well the Mochi I had in the flat was made in Taiwan, so we made him try it after district meeting. Surprisingly enough he liked it!!
we also went and helped the lovely sister Snelgar pack up and clean her house for moving. We then went home and spent the rest of the evening there because my companion wanted me to feel better!
We did some door knocking in the afternoon, met a vicious pug/ so evil. ahahaha.
We also went to a house with a gorgeous garden and all Victorian styled design. Sister asked if we could take some photos. So we did.

we had a lovely lesson with our investigator using some of the pioneer movies.
Sister Delgado made me stay in the flat and sleep most of the day. We popped out to get her birthday package that we missed. She opened it, Early!! so excited for her birthday this week!!
She got a funny little tissue thing with a pug related comment, which made us laugh after the little terror from the day before.

Friday we had weekly planning and companionship inventory. We then went out and helped Sister Snelgar pack stuff into boxes for the move. We had pretty much the entire house for 6 kids and the parents done in a couple of hours. We then went home till activity night. Which ended up being volley ball, yet again. Because the elders didn’t want to put more effort in planning wise. I sat out due to still not being well.

Saturday we spent the morning moving the Snelgars with a bunch of other ward members and the elders. Within two hours they were completely moved in. You want something moved, Mormons will do it ahaha!!!
A lot of our plans fell through, but it lead us to be exactly at the right place at the right time. Where we were desperately needed (cannot give details sorry)

Sunday we had a lovely testimony meeting at church. We had  4 less actives turn up and some investigators which was a massive miracle!!

We got to visit a few people after church, including one lady we have been trying to see for ages!!! the small miracles!!! We did family history training with the Hardings (the senior couple here) last night, what was great fun and a lot of laughs. “oh look sister Delgado needs a husband”
“oh look Elder Williams needs a wife”
“cut a guy some slack”

“oh right, we aren’t meant to treat you like normal ysa”

Then at the end of it as we all talked Elder Williams had his jaw on the desk, and as we tried to get his attention it turns out his itinerary had come through, so his visa is all go and he leaves in Two weeks, SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we have Sister P-day so we are going to a waterfall about an hour away and we have exchanges this week.

Life is Great, God is Amazing.

sister Priston-Turner xx


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