Ill-hearted in Invercargill 31/8

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!

So quick recap of last week.

Monday: we got lunch with the Gore district. Had a family home evening with the Snelgars. Then went to a farewell for a member here, Elder Williams and Sister Delgado ate too much food!!!

Tuesday: we visited lots of people doing Goodbyes for my amazing companion. We stopped in at the Polyfest. Went to the airport to say goodbye to Elder Williams. The Gore sisters stayed the night.

Wednesday: Up early to drop Gore sisters and Sister Delgado at the airport. I think she was the hardest goodbye even more than family when coming out. I then went to the Harding’s with Elder Lyon and we spent the morning there. Then went to work for a bit before welcoming our new companions. And the new Gore Elders (to replace the Gore Sisters)

Thursday: we did family history and had to wait for my bike to be fixed. We then went to visit people.

Friday: we biked to visit someone and then did planning followed by institute and human snakes and ladders

Saturday: we spent the whole day visiting people, meetings etc etc. played bb with sister west.
Sunday: church then a branch lunch. Followed by an amazing temple fireside.

My companion is now sick so we will be home after this.
She isn’t used to the cold and being on bikes with so much sickness we are a bit under the weather, but she is rather ill.

Take care. Wish i had more time.

Love you all

~ Sister Priston-Turner


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