Illness in Invercargill 17/8

Happy Monday everyone

So how to update since last week, well

On Monday after emailing we went to Bluff as a District. First we went to the museum, filled with all the details on the old whaling ships and oyster ships. Let’s be honest everyone knows of the “Bluff Oyster”. We had a good laugh. Then we went to the lookout. Which involved photos. of course. Followed by going to Stirling point and taking more photos whilst it was heading sunset. We all drove home after many laughs and wonderful views. We had family home Evening with the Snelgars again. which was more running and hugging kids and awkwardly trying to get them off us.
Tuesday … what a day. During personal study I have been reading the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson (along with my scriptures, Preach My gospel etc) And he had once reprimanded everyone in the church for not using the Book of Mormon enough, in our teaching, study, and life. To quote him “Of this we must repent” This made me feel as though we need to use this more in our finding and teaching as missionaries. As I sat down with Sister Delgado for companionship study, we as always discussed what we have learnt in personal study. I was talking about this with her and said we needed to do all of our finding today with this wonderful book and not pamphlets. So we did. We handed out four of these books. Two the street , two door knocking. After one particular guy was extremely rude to us. I felt such sorrow and pain at the things he was turning away that would bless his life. I said a silent prayer as we walked to the next house. We knocked on the door and out comes an older man with a cheeky smile. We say our little beginning piece and his response was “well when I was a deacon in the church” … We had found an inactive member who was baptized up North in the 80s and his partner is a non member. They took a copy as he no longer had one, and said we were more than welcome back. His partner said “well I know nothing, so I guess he will need to answer all my questions” The Lord hears and answers our prayers. He guides us in his work.
We had the rest home and played Boccia against another rest home. WE LOST WHAT IS COMPLETELY NOT COOL!
That evening we had Dinner with the Snelgars. whicht ended in Sister Snelgar doing the cinnamon challenge ahahaha.. and Brother Snelgar and I having a water drinking challenge… four full cups of water in 26 seconds anyone????
That evening we did some family history consultant training as a district. This meant I got to spent time indexing parish records from 1845. yeeeess history geek out!!!
Wednesday, we had district meeting, which was powerful and inspired. Our last District meeting together as both Sister Delgado and Elder Williams leave. Both of them shared extremely powerful testimonies. We spent the day trying to visit people with no luck. So we popped by our amazing West and had a lovely visit with her. After that we had “dinner” at the Wells’ which was more of a huge feast that was completely made so I could eat. Amazing, extremely kind people. As we left they got a plastic bag and gave us bottles of rice bran oil, sweet chili sauce, gluten free soy sauce etc etc. There was no way we could actually say no. we had to take it.
We went to the family history center. Our investigator couldn’t make it so we got to do indexing. I was working on English bishop burial records from 1814. My goodness, so much fun! Also sad to see the ages of the deaths. We then visited people. Then we had Bingo at the rest home. WE HAD NEVER BEEN SO BUSY THERE. So many turned up we almost didn’t have room or cards for them all. That afternoon we tried to see people without luck. We had dinner with Sister West. Followed by heart attacking people’s houses.

I woke up feeling pretty off colour. We headed out for the morning and all our appointments cancelled. We came home for weekly planning and by the end of it Sister Delgado told me I needed to go to bed. I didn’t want to miss institute or activities night. But it was by far for the best. We contacted the Harding’s apologizing for our absence. We spent the night in bed resting. Around 8:50pm. I swore I heard a knock on our door. I tried to wake sister Delgado with no response.
So I didn’t look. We got a text from the Harding’s saying they had left us something. PowerAde and ginger ale. Talk about a surprise.
Sister D told me to stay in bed so I did till about 11 am. Then I went and lay on the floor in the lounge and we watched Joseph smith story on the portable DVD player. Sister Kerr turned up with the two girls with a usb of other mission approved movies … like 17 miracles. EVERYONE I BEG YOU. GO WATCH IT. NOW! They told me they had taken Doctor Who monopoly to activities night the night before especially for me.
I decorated some planners. On the left, Elder Williams’ for his next transfer in Taiwan. Middle, mine for next transfer. Right the one I made Sister Delgado for this transfer. In the pictures of her is everyone she has trained on her mission.

She told me we stay home or go to church for sacrament meeting and run out before anyone saw us. So we stayed home which was horrible. I stayed in bed till lunch time then had a quick shower. The Elders, the Harding’s came over and gave us the Sacrament. Which was so nice to not miss out. WEIRD HAVING PEOPLE IN THE FLAT. Ewww! We spent all night just relaxing.
Today I am feeling a lot better. We have Zone training in gore this week.

I hope you are all well.
God Lives, He is your Heavenly father who loves you.
He wants you to draw near unto him. So he can draw near unto you.
I love you,
Sister Priston-Turner


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