Intense Interaction in Invercargill 24/8

Happy Monday everyone!

So a lot has happened since last week. Where to start? I guess where I left off!

Monday: we did errands all day, followed by three extremely crammed in Family Home Evening appointments. Seriously crammed in, but they were fantastic.

Tuesday: We went park contacting and had a lovely conversation with one of the workers there. It was quiet so I took a ride on a giant eagle and saw a wild sister Delgado in her natural habitat…. being a Disney princess and singing to the birds. We took a drive to Brother Kerr’s work and got sister Delgado’s contact cards and my District Shirt!!! Followed by Boccia at the rest home, which is always a good laugh. Then dinner visiting people and correlation, that went on forever. Good fun and a good laugh.

Wednesday: we had Zone training in Gore, my goodness that was a spiritual experience and a great laugh. To get everyone comfortable we had to go around and introduce ourselves….. As our companion. So my Dear Sister Delgado stood up..

“My name is Sister Priston-Turner, and yes I am aware it is the longest name ever. I am from Wellington, and allergic to everything. I eat a lot of Asian, food.. My companion loves that she cannot read the packets. I love Anime. I love animals especially Horses and my Cat Luna, she has slept in my arms every night for the past 7 years … it is the best thing ever. I can draw and I am great at writing. Also I think I’ll just come out and say it. I think Aussie is better than NZ”

My goodness they laughed. Then I stood up

“well good morning. My name is Sister Delgado. I am from Aussie but I am actually Spanish, and I love food. I love that my companion buys food I cannot read. Seriously I had noodles the other day with a sausage in it… a sausage! Also Disney, my goodness. DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY! I cannot wait to go home to my people in Wanganui. Did I mention food?
Don’t talk to me about going home next week, because seriously I don’t even know! I know I look pretty white but I am actually black inside. I also love to encourage people. One way I love to do this is by saying “YOU GO GIRL, GO HARD”

My dear sister was laughing, so was I. all the other sisters that know her were nodding that what I said was accurate. So that was fun. We had a great experience learning. My sister bore her testimony and cried so hard. She is amazing. Seriously. She has such a strong testimony of the church. She is an incredible woman.
We drove home then had a lesson with an investigator followed by a normal evening of visiting people.

We went to the Family history center, my companion did indexing and I helped sister Kerr with going through documents of her family history that is a bit of a muddle record. She had to leave, so we got to photocopy it so I could continue to work on it. INNER HISTORY GEEK IS SO HAPPY. All about her family and their jobs, migration etc etc…. they go back to Lincoln, so I have been able to geek out and learn and highlight and draw up her family tree in any spare time.
After Lunch we went to play housie at the rest home as normal. Followed by a normal night of door knocking, visiting people etc etc
Friday: we sister Missionaries held an RS morning tea combined with Sister Harding at her house. It was a lovely time together as sisters. We spent our day doing weekly planning and companionship inventory.
As a part of companionship Inventory we need to tell our companion one of their strengths. Sister Delgado was way too kind and told me about how she sees I actively try to improve and work on my goals, how I have a genuine love for people. How I dive into the work and how she thinks I will be fine for the rest of my mission. She started to cry. So we were bawling and complimenting each other and the spirit was so strong and we could feel how deep our love as a companionship went.
We had institute with a lesson about our savior *gasp* it was lovely. Followed by activities night of volley ball. I didn’t kill anyone. HOORAY!!

Saturday: we did service all morning, followed by visiting people and helping people.

We than had rehearsal for a temple fireside we have next week. Then we went to visit people in the afternoon before dinner with the Tideys who are like an hour drive away.

Time is running short. God is good, life is good.
The work is real, it is important. Strive to move forward in all that you do.

Sister Priston-Turner xxx


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