Down In Dunedin 21/9/2015

Hello Everyone!!!!!

So lets do this.

Since last week we have been crazy busy.

After emailing last week we went and explored the stumpery at Queens park.
Then we went to a wonderful Family Home Evening with the Kerrs.
Tuesday my goodness. we had lots of study to do, we also got to go to a wonderful RS lunch, Elder Mason (yes the bear) snuck in and was even fed by a few of the ladies!
We played games at the rest home and all the ladies adored Mason and he got a lot of hugs!
Followed by adventures and almost getting lost on foot.
Followed by Correlation meeting.

Wednesday We had an amazing District meeting out STL’s and Zone leaders were there!
My goodness it was powerful, we talked about language and learning, teaching and helping. Our STL’s then decided we were taking a cheeky trip to Bluff and Stirling Point. Mason had cheekily come along to District meeting and he too enjoyed photobombing and Stirling point. We then had a LONG drive to Dunedin. We saw cows that looked like big fluffy pandas. Once we got there Sister Shaw and I had to run out to a couple of really awesome lessons!!!

Thursday we got to go to Dunedin’s District meeting. Which was again extremely powerful and I learnt a lot. We had a lesson on body language, which is always funny because everyone starts analyzing everyone else. We got to present something that we use when working with members and shared our experiences.
Sister Shaw and I then got fruit and fries and had lunch at a park enjoying the hot weather.
Followed by a day of lessons. Killer 21 degree weather. A lovely dinner with a family who made incredible dessert I could eat *drools*

Friday, exchanges continued (I know long exchange) we did some contacting then we found a sweet store. Followed by an incredible allergen free lunch, lessons and sunshine. Filled with the spirit, we had to catch the ‘bus’ (more of a large van) home….. so three and a half hours later we were back in Invercargill.

Saturday was a full tracting day, so super busy and a good 6 hours of walking.

Sunday, we had a wonderful Sabbath day amazing lessons at church, lots of laughs. Then we had the opportunity to take two young women to the park for contacting, in the cold yet sunny day.

2weeks left here in Invercargill, time has gone way too fast. We still have no clue what is happening for the next 15 months, so I am going just slightly insane (well more so than before)

We have a glorious sunny day here in Invercargill *gasp* I know right!

Take care, I love you all!

Sister Priston-Turner


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