Injuries in Invercargill


so as updates go, I shall be fast.

Last Monday we went to a funeral which was sad, yet we were so comforted through our knowledge of the plan of Salvation.

Tuesday: We had some glorious sunshine so went on some walking adventures, which was lovely. We had correlation at the chapel and we were early so I was superwoman on my bike and we just enjoyed the beautiful day we had.

Wednesday: We surprised Sister West for her birthday by breaking into her house and blowing up 50 bright orange balloons.
We then did service in the afternoon followed by visiting the rest home. Lessons with our investigator and then our STL’s arrived

Thursday: EXCHANGES!!!!!
Sister Phillips and I (yes Vanessa that is right) were together for the day. We did door knocking. service…. hailed on whilst on our bikes. Lessons. Sunshine. More door knocking followed by Wests then on our way home my handlebars on my bike caused me to flip…… oh yay.

zone conference was just the best part of the week. However I was in agonizing pain all day. But so worth sitting to be there.
President Hudson said he has emailed me some stuff to fill out (that I have now done)
So soon we shall know what is to happen.

Saturday: Flat day. due to my back we stayed in the flat. Cabin fever attacks.

Sunday: We went to Church, had a lovely powerful morning. I got a blessing after church from the Elders for my injury.

We have a busy week and we go to Dunedin on exchanges this week. So it should be great fun.
We are well excited for that.

Remember God lives and he loves you.

Sister Priston-Turner

Invercargill chapel


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