Inspring invercargill 28/9/2015

Aloha everyone, Happy Monday, Happy daylight savings!!!

So I guess it is officially spring!

Last week we had sunshine!

Monday was wonderful, hot sunshine, lots of work to do and family home evening.
We had a chance to visit and meet new people this week.
Accidentally ate some gluten and had a wonderful migraine, but received a priesthood blessing and healed faster than I normally would.
I was meant to give a talk on Sunday but district president was down so I got out of that one *wipes forehead dramatically*
We had gorgeous sunsets most of the week.
Had the opportunity to study charity for district meeting and learnt a lot about the role of charity in missionary work and how real it is.

We had the  women’s general broadcast on Sunday what was extremely powerful and uplifting.

This coming week we have a lot of stuff going on. We are moving flats on Thursday, so my address will change to 111A grey street, Invercargill 9180 …

However I would not recommend sending anything after today / tomorrow at the latest because things take a lot longer to get here than the rest of the country and in 8 days I’ll be on a plane back to wellington.

AND NO STILL NO CLUE WHERE I WILL BE REASSIGNED TO. I have noticed the anxiety increase with it being so close and not knowing. But that is okay the Lords strengthens us in all things.
Just need to breathe and keep on working. I love the work so much, the joy is indescribable.
We witness many small, large and incredible miracles.

God Lives and this is his work.

Sister Priston-Turner


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