Hello Everyone!

So we are back tracking a little bit as nothing has been posted!
Starting 28th of September!!!
Monday was great, we had a busy day for general preparation stuff and then a wonderful lesson with our Investigator.
It is warming up a little in Invercargill, so that is always nice. I can feel my hands more often now 😀

Tuesday we got up and went for a run and my companion biked along. Due to the coldish (kiwism right there) air, she got a migraine and ended up spending all day in bed. My poor darling was asleep pretty much all day.
until correlation meeting where she felt a lot better. so we biked down and it was gorgeous.
I added another place into places I’ve done handstands

Guess who lovingly turned up right as I was upside down … Branch Mission Leader, who decided this was funny and giving me flack was totally worth it. however My skirt was on my bike and I was in trousers… Ultimate Decorum level 😉

Wednesday We started off with Another bikeride all the way down to glengarry shopping center and back.
we had a lovely morning of studies. Followed by a Relief society morning tea, these are always lovely to sit with a lovely bunch of women and get to know and uplift each other!
afterwards we went to the Kerr’s and helped with the Hedge trimming, the sun stayed out for most of the day.
we got home for dinner and there was a letter in the letter box *insert excited super happy face here*
from my wonderful mother. This letter also informed me that I report on the 22nd of Oct to the MTC. Finally some information.
After Dinner we had a Relief Society Craft night we went to support. What was great fun and we all had a fabulous time.

Thursday… This was a whirlwind day we Did studies and then flat moving began. moping, scrubbing, emptying checking every drawer and cupboard for things we may have left behind. I however decided to leave a few surprises for the Elders… I mean who wouldn’t want some Papayas 😉

PicMonkey Collage

We then moved all our stuff into the new flat. As we pulled all our suitcases and household items into our new home, it is always a weird feeling. The Elders and the Hardings were in the garage making sure the Elders had everything they needed. We walked into the kitchen only to erupt in laughter when we saw
Idaho Boys *sigh* Elder Parkinson Stuck his head in the door with a smile that clearly said he was proud of his little surprise.

Friday we went out and saw some people in the morning, then went home and had a huge weekly planning session that looked nice and neat to begin with


But by the end there was paperwork everywhere. That then rolled into Institute, what was great as always.
Many things were talked about, specially as we talk about Christ, we learn a lot.
Then we had activities right, what was a lovely game of Indoor Soccer. There were surprisingly very few Injuries and nothing serious!  😀

Saturday we had a bunch to organize, study and do In preparation for this coming week with area change, transfers etc etc etc. we spent a lot of time with our Area book out, we spent a lot of time with study materials out. What is probably good, dude to the gale force winds we had. we went park contacting in the afternoon followed by Dinner with the Kerrs
Biking was extremely hard, and rather dangerous as my size doesn’t fight well against such strong winds.  Not many people were impressed we were out and we got told to get home and get safe.
However there were trampolines that blew over houses and like 4 streets from where they started.

Sunday we had a wonderful fast n Testimony meeting at Church
followed by a Sunday School lesson on Paul, and a wonderful Relief Society lesson.
The amount of quotes and thoughts I have from those lessons could be a blog post in itself (might do that)
we then went home and did our last training session and English study. we had limited time left before District meeting so we pulled out our area book and continued to go through what we needed.
We then had an amazing District Meeting. Including an “Area Discussion” instead of a lesson, going over the changes for Areas and what we need to to in Preparation for the new District Leader to come in and for everyone to hopefully have the right records.  Elder Lyon and I both got to bear our testimony as we knew we were both leaving.
Then the Hardings had got the transfer list in their email. so we had a look,
Elder Lyon is going to Taihape.
Sister Tehanin is training Sister Rima.
Elder Hunt is Elder Parkinson’s New Companion.
Elder Hollow and Elder Hornberger are the new set of Elders coming in. Elder Hollow is the new District Leader and is also training Elder Hornberger.
So that is all exciting.

Monday we had a busy morning of errands, emailing, and cleaning.
we then went to the Hardings for the afternoon as a District and spent our afternoon doing a reshuffle of area books, going over and swapping records.
We then had FHE with the Kerrs what was lovely as always.

Tuesday was one of the weirdest and hardest days. I hate goodbyes, see ya laters or whatever you want to call them.
We spent the morning doing prep for transfers and some english study…. and of course more area book work. I did some packing in this time. We were then Picked up by sister Harding and went around visiting people and saying “catcha later thank you for everything”
It was hard, I love the people here in Invercargill so much.
we then had a dinner with the Hardings Followed by Correlation and supper at their house with the District and the Day family.  Lots of photos and emotionally tired.
We then went home and did our last daily planning as a companionship, then we got ready for the day tomorrow.

It’s funny how even typing this makes me feel all of these feelings again. I can feel the suspense of not knowing, the hectic of packing, and the heartbreaking feeling of leaving people I love so deeply and want to keep serving.

Wednesday…. Today came way too fast, the days tick by and next thing you know you are leaving when you swear you only just arrived. I couldn’t sleep … what really isn’t a big surprise. Sleep honestly is not my strong point at the best of times. I moved to the couch with a bowl of food about 2:30am and went to the shower about 3:40am
I then got read and packed away the last of my things. 6:15am the Hardings arrived and all too quickly in a blurr of lights I was checking in and waiting for my flight. We all sat, Gore Elders included talking about random things as though no one wanted to face what the next few hours would bring. we laughed, but there was an elephant in the room, that is for sure. Next thing we know, Elder Lyon’s flight was being announced and we said farewell.
The following 35 minutes passed in the weirdest time warp, they seemed to tick slowly yet they went in a blink of an eye. Next thing we shook hands, we hugged and told everyone to keep an eye on the areas. Also promising I would annoy them at any given chance. 😀
I had not yet cried, though I knew this was on the cards. So I am very thankful Elder Zappe was going home, so we walked to the plane and checked what seats we had. unsurprisingly we were sitting together. So we just talked, about random things, areas, mission, life and anything that came up. Just to pass the time. Definitely a great distraction.
I probably could have fallen asleep I was so tired.
Christchurch came, and we got off to find a crowd of Missionaries … as you typically do in airports on transfers
Saw Sister Dial, what was a tackle hug reunion, Saw Sister Russavage what was hugs and photos.
Next thing we are again boarding and preparing for wellington. Again Elder Zappe and I had seats next to each other.
Time flew by…. hehehe.
All I recall was stepping down off the plane and saying “Well I haven’t missed this wind.” followed by “smells like home”
we all walked into the airport and were Greated by the Wellington STL’s  they said I was going with them. So we got to the car. I then found out with a change of plans I wouldn’t be going to the outtake. What was kind of nice, I missed the goodbyes so no awkward emotional moments. I spent the mid afternoon with the sisters. Then next thing I pulled up into the Car park at mission office and saw My mothers car. She looked out, saw me in the back seat and ran to hug me. It was the weirdest surreal moment I’ve had in a very long time. I then got to see President and Sister Hudson, who said farewell and good luck to me.
then In the strangest blurr of emotion I was back in the real world, no appointments, No work, Just breathing and living.
Getting released was weird, I could feel that protection, all those prayers, that spirit, and love. It left.
Thank goodness to know it is only temporary.

So here I am, an unfamiliar person, in familiar surroundings.
A whirlwind of emotions and change.

To summarize My experiences in Invercargill
This is his work and I do not matter.
I am here to serve, to love and to help.
It is my choice to play a part in this work.
Invercargill is a cold place with warm hearted people.
I have many fond memories and I love everyone so very much,
there are no words to describe how I feel.

Sister Priston-Turner


One thought on “Invercargill

  1. wow Sister Priston-Turner sounds like your having a ball and a wonderful mission and thats so great, I’m so proud of the lds woman your becoming, watching u grow up and have “your moments” while growing up your looking really great sweetheart.

    Love you heaps
    Your sister in the gospel

    Sister Sarah Wilson


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