Missionaries where?!?!

Hello everyone!“
well I found a bunch of missionaries!
I have arrived nice and safe to the MTC.
I may have casually waited for almost 2 hours at the airport for a ride to the MTC.
They had been confused and were looking completely different part of the airport.
I am here nice and safe now.
I’ve had interviews, they are going to organize food for my allergies for the two weeks special and keep it somewhere so I can access it.
So now I am writing lists of foods I eat. Put on the spot to write everything down ahaha so tired.
This ladies and gentlemen is why you need to get more than 1 hour of sleep before you report to your mission.We have a great busy day ahead of us! So I am running on overdrive. Complete mess probably. Haven’t looked in the mirror and I do not think I want to see what I look like either!

anyway we have very limited time. I hope you are all doing well.

love you,
take care


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