“Delightful Dural” 16/11/2015

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been interesting….. I was told Australia is hot…. I think someone may have been lying. I mean it has been warm, humid….. horribly humid. But it has been raining almost every single day and at times even been a little cold.

So there isn’t too much to report on… because if we haven’t been eating, excising or sleeping….. we have been walking the streets talking to people…. all day everyday. Except Friday but we will get to that.

On thursday morning we were waiting for the bus and met a lady from the other side of the world (spanish speaking) We only talked for a small moment because her bus arrived. She had barely been in the country a week.
we went around our day. That evening we missed our  bus stop. so we decided to get off closer to home so my companion could change shoes, as it had suddenly started pouring with rain. we got off the bus and out of no where this lady from this morning turns the corner. Completely different part of town than we saw her this morning. she walked up saying “i dont believe in casualties”  we explained that we didn’t either. We told her that we are God’s servants sent to help people and be where he needs us. right then she started crying and said “thats what I need, it has been a bad day”  we hugged her. She told us her heartbreaking story about how she has save for years to find her kids that were taken from her. traveled here to see them and they don’t even want to know her. She was heartbroken. the story continued. as we talked getting soaking wet. we wished we could do more for her. she said “it’s okay. you hugged me when I needed it” we then told her we have one more thing that could help her. we then introduced her to the Book of Mormon and both bore testimony of it’s power to help us and change our lives. There we stood, soaking wet in cold rain. crying and bearing testimonies so strong, we know she felt it. As we left and her bus arrived she said “right now I don’t know anything about what to do, all I know is I am going to read”

This is a huge miracle we experienced this week along with many small ones.

Friday we had Zone Conference with our actual zone, so that was lovely.

Anyway. That is the main stories.

Have a lovely week.

Sister Priston-Turner


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