Armidale Arrivals 23/11/2015

Aloha everyone.
so did I ever tell you that after ordering a new passport.. they found her old one. In the Assistant’s Letter box? well that happened
So last Monday after emailing we had to go and try change over Sister going’s License from a New Zealand one to a New South Wales one. once we got to the office the pretty much rebuked her and said since she isn’t planning to reside her she can drive on her New Zealand license.
So on our way back to the mission office to return passport. so after 6 forms of public transport already that day and drinking smoothies as we go from one place to another we got on a train before the last bus we had to catch (from the dural flat it is a bus, train then another bus to the office)
we get off the train and go to Tap off (opal card form of payment what is a card that you tap on when you get on the public transport then tap off as you get off) to only realize Sister Going’s wallet (with her license, opal card, bank cards etc etc etc) is now missing.

So after hunting around, talking to the station guard and calling Mission president …. we were standing there in the dark waiting for the Assistants to pick us up.

we had another trip yet again to the mission home to discuss what is to be done.
we then got dropped off to the flat.

Tuesday I caught 12 forms of public transport to sort out my legal working with children. then to the mission office to call and sort out licenses. After that we got home at 9pm and did planning soaking our feet in the bath with face masks because both of us were shattered.

Wednesday we took a trip to the library to print a license application, then to the mission office for hours. to pay and order the new License.
After we had all of that organised we got told we would head up to our area on the train and bike around for 21 days until the license arrives.  So Elder Williams in the office booked out train tickets. Gave us a new mobile phone (because ours was dead. it’s flash… flip top. what is this world? )
Then we caught the public transports home.
For our late dinner we decided to walk to the local park, barefoot whilst eating and enjoy the fresh air as a celebration.
when we got back to the flat we realized the key was wrong and we were locked out. so the Assistants had to come save us yet again … so we waited for almost two hours doing yoga and i did some single person imaginary sparing whilst we waited.
when they turned up… the rebuking sass in their voices plus mild amusement was so strong.
they let us in. Mocked us for a little then left.

Thursday morning we got up at 6am as normal and did our hour of exercise. then packed. the assistants turned up to help us take our luggage to the train station.
we had made them breakfast… what they ate outside the flat! and then drove us… running late to the station.
there were no parks so they dropped us and had to drive off. as we struggled to get to the bus with all of our stuff suddenly two sisters appeared perfectly in time to help us… The Lord watches and blesses us!

8 hours on a train full of laughter and solid study it was great to finally ARRIVE IN ARMIDALE!!!

Since we have been here we have had to clean… my life the Elders had left the kitchen pretty gross (Steve, you should do a young men’s activity on how to clean… seriously they need to know)
we have been to church. a tiny little chapel with about 20ish members….. our area is Huge (4 hours to get around)
our branch president moves next week what is sad. Both him and his wife are lovely.
with the cutest 3 boys ever.
small town, nice and slow. We have some work ahead of us and we are excited.

weird quote from sister going to top off the post “sometimes someone smiles and suddenly dimple appear and i am like WOAH WHAT! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!”

ahahaha she is so random and I love her so much! she is a crazy kiwi (half Mexican but ya know) I have so many photos that will truly have to wait to a later date!

Anyway Happy thanksgiving this week!

I love you all so much!
remember Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light (and rely on the light, and this light is Christ)

~ Sister Priston-Turner x


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