Tropical Blemish 30/11/2015

Gidday everyone!!!

So last week was definitely interesting!
It Turns out Armidale is one of the highest cities in Australia … so we experience some things that others supposedly dont such as sunburn.

To explain this week’s title. On Tuesday my dear Companion got some lovely sunburn. Our district leader, Elder white.  told us we should have put sunblock on.  So we responded with “we put so much on, we were as white and yous”
the retorted with “hey we aren’t white. it is more of a pinky/rose”
Sister Going looked at me and just said “TROPICAL BLEMISH”

so in other words, we are brown, white and pink…. a Lovely Neapolitan mix!
Our sunburn’s Sunburn got a sunburn…. and out blister’s blisters have blisters.
Joys of lots of walking and heat…. even with sunblock. But funnily enough we are still laughing and singing almost all day everyday.

We have met a lot of people this week, joys of being new to the area!
we met a family who has been readily prepared by the Lord to receive us and we are so excited to go back and teach them.

we also three random YSA age guys come to church on Sunday. when we spoke them they said ” well I had been to and LDS church before somewhere else. when we got up today we thought…. hey we haven’t all been to the one here before. we should go check it out” ….. Miracles, so we are going  to teach at least one of them  if not hopefully all three.

we also celebrated Thanksgiving this week with too much food!  (but because of my food lifestyle, it wasnt too bad )

It was a nice week here.
I hope everyone is enjoying their week, wherever they may be.

love you,
Sister Priston-Turner

30.11 1


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