14 days of white rice

mmmm after 14 days of nothing but white rice for food…. and apple was a welcomed treat this week šŸ˜€

This wee has been interesting to say the least.
We had zone conference … it was great, and powerful.

we Taught a man in a cave on tuesday evening.

So many spiritual experiences. Awesome moments.

we were meant to go into the city today. but it is pouring down with rain and freezing cold…. by freezing i mean like 30 degrees and lower.
Life is good.

we have the easter fireside this weekend.
so that shall be exciting.

Something I was thinking about this week is:
ā€œOĀ theĀ wisdomĀ ofĀ God,Ā hisĀ mercyĀ andĀ grace!Ā ForĀ behold,ifĀ theĀ fleshĀ shouldĀ riseĀ noĀ moreĀ ourĀ spiritsĀ mustĀ becomeĀ subjectĀ toĀ thatĀ angelĀ whoĀ fellĀ fromĀ beforeĀ theĀ presenceĀ ofĀ theĀ EternalĀ God,Ā andĀ becameĀ theĀ devil,Ā toĀ riseĀ noĀ moreā€Ā (2Ā NephiĀ 9:8).

How because God loves us so much he provided His son, to free us from the other. The plan of salvation and out happiness is central to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
The Atonement is his love and mercy to save us all. If it wasn’t to the Atonement the plan would cease to exist and if the plan didn’t exist to help us out of Love, God would cease to be God, therefore we would not be and everything as we know it would be gone.
For The atonement of Jesus Christ is central to All Human History!
to the creation of the world, to our life and the eternities.

Speaking of that wonderful Easter Morning:

WhenĀ theĀ womenĀ cameĀ toĀ theĀ tomb,Ā theyĀ foundĀ itĀ openĀ andĀ empty.Ā TheĀ angelsĀ hadĀ tarriedĀ toĀ tellĀ themĀ theĀ greatestĀ newsĀ everĀ toĀ fallĀ onĀ humanĀ ears:Ā ā€œHeĀ isĀ no there:Ā forĀ heĀ isĀ risen,Ā asĀ heĀ saidā€Ā (MatthewĀ 28:6)

This is the Joyous news, the most important news that has ever been, followed only by the Restoration of the Gospel.

This Easter week, I invite all of you to ponder the importance of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and His great sacrifice for us all.

The Most Important and precious thing I know is, He Lives!
He leads and guides this church. It is that simple. He Lives and I shall lift my voice in praises to my Lord and saviour through who all things were made possible!

If you do not yet know this for yourself, I want you to know I do, and you can too. I invite you to learn, to seek the word of Ā God and experiment upon it in faith. So that you can know of the Joyous thing for yourself.

I love you! I Love my Lord!

~Sister Priston-Turner xx


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