A belated Christmas Post

Hello everyone!
sorry I haven’t made a post in (a month?)
I have just been busy and Have had no clue what to even say.

Life is great, I love life, I love missionary life, I love Christmas as a missionary, I love serving the Lord…… it is that simple….

Oh we finally have a car it is great, we can see people further out!
we have had some insanely spiritual experiences this past month. almost too many to write down in a short post or period of time.
i am learning so much all of the time.

I am trying my hardest all of the time to be more confident and to serve the Lord with all my Heart, might, mind and strength.

since I last posted we had a great zone conference.
a great Christmas conference.
Temple lights!
christmas itself and many other great adventures!

we made a tent in our lounge for christmas week, was pretty legit (see see some kiwi still in me)
now it is in our bed room and I’ll have to send photos of it next week.

we have become professional at the long train rides. that we dont have to do again.. YAY!
we now have a senior couple in Armidale so that is fantastic.

Dont even get me started on the weird climbing on top of the fridge in the chapel to reset the internets so my companion could skype her family. that was fun.

anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic new year and I love you all heaps.

~ Sister Priston-Turner


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