December, January, February where does the time go? – march 7 2016

Hello everyone.

So I know I have been really slack.
so hopefully all these photos make up for it :/

I know the really don’t
so yes my area is right outside the city, and as we have reached the end of another transfer I am staying here with sister sunderland.

so this past transfer I left sister Going as she went home and I went to south harbour.
A sad change, I was so blessed to serve alongside an amazing sister for 12 weeks, she is not only a companion and sister but she is literally one of my best friends. I am so thankful for those 12 weeks with her. Crystal if you are reading this I love you!

First part of last transfer I was with sister sol from the Philippines, she was so sweet. sadly though she had to go home for a knee surgery.}

so for the rest of the transfer I was in a trio with the other set of sisters in the flat. sister Bagnos from the  Philippines and sister Sunderland from Nottingham England!

these past weeks have been interesting.

But lets just focus on this past week.

Tuesday we had a conference with President Nielsen from the area presidency. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong and the day went crazy fast.
Wednesday we had appointments and went out speaking to people. we went to coogee Beach, They has a juice shop and I got some nice fresh juice in a 2L bottle that I tied to my bad for the rest of the day.

Thursday we went around to see people and did normal stuff.

same with friday.

Saturday However we had an appointment in the city… to arrive there to find out Mardi Gras was on. oops. so everyone was walking about in costumes with Gay pride flags and the city missionaries weren’t even allowed out of their flats. … You Only Serve Once.

we had lots of appointments on saturday.

Sunday we has a wonderful sabbath at church and enjoyed the day. After church we had a dinner appointment with a lovely young couple. we made pizzas and celebrated her Birthday.

anyway. hope everyone has a powerful week dont have too long left on here. sorry. otherwise more spiritual details would come.
love you all heaps .

take care.

sister Priston-Turner
(why do i have such a long name??)



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