osucos lugares – jan 18 2015

In case you dont understand the Title for the post. Please go translate it 🙂

this past week has been crazy. but great.
I wouldnt even know where to start,

I had trade offs with sister Stigen and got to meet a lot of people.
talked to a lot of people.

Our French artist less active had my companion thinking he wanted to started his own church… and then he started teaching her the Restoration using the pamphlet exactly life we do…. when one of the sisters asked “DO YOU WANT TO START YOUR OWN CHURCH?!”
he was all “NO! I want to come back to church”
Man that guy is funny.

we saw one of our investigators change his heart. a true blue miracle. he came on a chapel tour and kept ranting about how God is trying to punish him.
we went to go see him two days later… and he was glowing. He said that he said a prayer before bed, and woke up a changed man. yoou could see the spirit working with him it was beautiful!

he came to church.

today we are going out with some investigators to a nature thing because it is the last preparation day of transfers….
Sister going leaves me next week.

I have been so blessed to serve alongside such an incredible woman. I love her like crazy.
she is definitely an eternal friend.

Love you all have a great week xx


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