Weeks of..?

so two weeks ago was crazy busy with new transfers, new companion and everything. we started strong.
But sunday night we got flooded out. pouring rain, floods most of the night knee-waist deep. however we still went out and proselyted trying to do the Lords work. we had probably too much fun. got soaked to the bone and saw miracles…. no one was baptised because of this … yet. even though the streets were deep enough in water to be a font! hahaha
All our stuff in our bags got wrecked… My scripture covers came off and we had to dry everything infront of our heater.
then this week is a blurr.
we had a great week. Busy and happy.
worked hard and saw many miracles. we had training meetings, lunch with half of the zone and just a fabulous week of teaching.
Saturday night the elders had wonderful timing and turned up at our flat singing happy birthday … as i was getting changed. so i missed a first part of it. But they came bearing gifts of LnP…. bitter sweet peanut slab and a giant fruit cake/ display with melted dark choc on it. (they did something seriously right, these men know how to do it!) the sisters in the flat said “they know the key to a woman’s heart” all very impressed!

sunday was a normal sunday. Lots of meetings and visiting people.

these weeks are a blurr of laughter rain happiness and miracles.
God is real and He loves us,

I love you,
Sister Priston-Turner


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