Rain, Shine, and a Bit of Mud


I understand that time is short. You probably dont even read this. I know those facts ahaha.

Anyway I thought I’d still do updates.

This past week has probably been the weirdest yet.

Honestly, nothing overly thrilling happened.

I’ve been to the Gym most mornings

Wednesday I ventured out into the big lone world itself. Saw a friend and got street contacted by a Hare krishna lady, and I accidentally started teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and how this knowledge aids us. My friend just laughed telling me “habits die hard don’t they?!?!”

We had institute Wednesday evening, what was rather disappointing .. I don’t think I have ever sat socially with a group of YSA who were so rude to each other or swore as much as they did.

However the lesson itself was great we were discussing Temple ordinances and how they aid us in fulfilling our divine potential as Son’s and Daughter’s of God.

Thursday morning hit hard. I just wanted to be out proselyting.  the whole day seemed weird.

Friday was great. Mum made, cheeses and ice cream, I read the King Follett discourse to my mum and we had a great discussion on it.

Saturday I hit the gym hard, it was great. I was dead at the end of it. However we ran errands most of the day.

We had a RS activity that was about RS through the years. I then came home and built a tent with the Niece and Nephews. Where we cuddled just had fun before bed.

Sunday always will be the best day of the week. For multiple reasons.

Despite the fact I only had 45 minutes of sleep church was a spiritual feast.

Also getting to sit there and listen with my nephew on my knee just makes life feel a bit more complete. There is a comfort and peace with those you love being united. I also got to teach the Restoration to the Senior Primary kids, getting to explain the priesthood and How much God loves us to restore it after the apostasy was great. But Just the feeling of getting to bear testimony was amazing. That is probably the thing i miss most, getting to bear testimony constantly and the power behind it.

So getting to bear Testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power i felt behind it was an absolute treasure.

Elders came up for dinner and we compared scripture Lols,

then we went to a fireside about Family History and the Temple.

It was a wonderful Sabbath and I am so grateful the The Lord gave us the Sabbath to take time to remember Him, to Renew our covenants, and to put aside the things of the World.

if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Many Prayers,

Sister Priston-Turner

P.S. most of this week was pouring rain, hail and bits of snow…. I miss Aussie heat 😦


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