It’s Raining, It’s Pouring …

Happy Monday!!!

I hope this email finds you well, and rested.

As for myself, this past week has been.. well wet.

But it has been good.

On Monday We had a YSA Family home evening, typically only two of us were there with our YSA parents. we Played a game out of the Friend magazine about the Apostles. Turns out all of us sucked at placing them correctly. So I think I have some study to do.


Obligatory Pre-Run Selfie

Tuesday is the pouring down with rain all day. So after cleaning the house and doing a little study I headed out on an 11km (6.8 miles)  Run around the River. May have got just a little wet. Spent the rest of the day doing the mundane things of life. cleaning, cooking, feeling a little out of place hahaha Of course looking after some of the animals in the weather is always fun. I got a letter from a good friend serving in the Australia Sydney North Mission, Longest letter I have yet received ( Brown Johnny Bravo, Thanks a Bunch)

Wednesday I hit the Gym for the Morning, always a great start to the day. I love listening to conference talks whilst there. I don’t have to listen to the stuff playing on the radio. Plus it is a great time to think… may occasionally lose count of my reps.  I then was blessed to have a great phone call with an RM i served with in the New Zealand Wellington Mission. I made some delicious Protein Pancakes, will a home made blueberry sauce. I also made a small loaf of banana bread, just free form. Turned out great. I packed this as dinner for at Institute.

Institute was way better this week. I hung out with a Girl from my YSA before hand for a little bit, then we had Class. The group I was slightly disappointed in the week before walked in 30 minutes late. -deep breaths- I don’t handle people disrespecting our Teachers well. But it was a great lesson. D&C 25, discussing about how we can apply the things the Lord asks of Emma Smith into our own lives.

Thursday We had a break in the rain, so I headed out for a little day hike in waikanae.. may have got a little Lost… what is really kind of sad because the trail is literally right beside the primary school i went to for 8 years. Spent a bit of time with Mumma at the Gym office, introducing myself to people.  I also worked on my lesson for YSA on sunday

Friday was literally non stop heavy rain all day, a few small land slides along some of the tracks around the property. . what is causing us to only be able to lead one horse at a time. I literally spent most of the day hiding inside doing a deeper clean, studies, and working on fixing my mission blog (who knows how my mum did some of these things) Also during my night time planning for saturday I found out we had a ysa activity in the evening.. so my daily planning looked like this
“The nerve of those Whos. Inviting me down there – and on such short notice. Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn’t allow it.
Four o’clock, wallow in self pity;
4:30, stare into the abyss;
5:00, solve world hunger, tell no one.
5:30, jazzercize.
6:30, dinner with me. I can’t cancel that again.
7:00, wrestle with my self-loathing; I’m booked.
Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9 I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness. But what would I wear?”

(That was for you sister Spainhower)

Cleaning, studies, Hit the Gym again.

Ran some errands, Did a few other mundane life type things, including breathing. made home made Pizzas with Home made bases. SO GOOD! Followed by the YSA activity… and guess what?!?!? 3 of us went!!! we played some card games and watched some rugby.

Well this is the Best day of the week. We had church, with some lovely speakers talking about the Atonement… seriously who doesn’t love a sacrament meeting that is entirely Atonement focused.
YSA lesson went well. we discussed Chapters 36-39 In Alma.. so Alma talking to his sons.What happens when you teach YSA Then applying it to ourselves so we can not only follow the example of those righteous influences, But also become as it says in 1 Timothy 4:12 an example of the believers .. in ALL things. Because we all know that  EXAMPLE IS OUR GREATEST MESSAGE.
  Relief society was all about honesty…A wonderful Principle!
After Church we had a ward lunch, that is always nice. it is freezing and wet so there was lots of Soup.. mm Soup.
we then came home, and for the first time in i think forever i lay down and fell asleep for a bit reading my scriptures.. Now Elders and Sister this is why on page 22 in Preach My gospel… under the Heading “Search, Ponder, and remember”
The second bullet point says “Study at a desk where you can write (not lying down or sitting on your bed), organize your study materials, and remain alert.
I have corrected myself and will not do that again. I then started some letters to people.. planned when would be best to have the Elder and their investigators up for a cottage evening. The sat down with My wonderful parents and made them watch Ephraim’s Rescue… too many tears shed, not enough tissues in this house.

Ultimately this Week I’ve been Pondering a few scriptures in one concept.
moses 1:39, 2 Nephi 2: 25, 1 Nephi 3:7, Mosiah 18:8-10, Mosiah 2:17, D&C 18 : 10-16 (well actually the whole section)

People keep asking me why i love helping others and why i love serving
(i’ve typed this out once already to only lose the internet and lose the best paragraph of this email, so this may not be anywhere near is good)
So ultimately it is simple, God loves us, his entire focus is to help us progress and be happy. Because of this He gives us commandments to be safe and to feel joy. He gives us no commandments that we cannot achieve. We even promise to keep the commandment of strengthening one another and serving at baptism. As we align our will with God’s will. My purpose too becomes to help others receive immortality and eternal life in complete happiness. Of course as we act upon this we feel a part of God’s love for the person we serve, a part of His love for us, and pure Joy. Simple.
We are not here to do this alone.

I am just so thankful to have a father in heaven who love us enough to want to see us progress. Who blesses us with more joy and happiness than we can imagine. who gives us Commandments for our protection and happiness.
I know He lives, i feel his presence in my life constantly. Every single day i grow even more thankful for this knowledge.

I pray for you daily. please let me know if i can help in anyway.

All my love and prayers,
Sister Priston-Turner

Rain, Shine, and a Bit of Mud


I understand that time is short. You probably dont even read this. I know those facts ahaha.

Anyway I thought I’d still do updates.

This past week has probably been the weirdest yet.

Honestly, nothing overly thrilling happened.

I’ve been to the Gym most mornings

Wednesday I ventured out into the big lone world itself. Saw a friend and got street contacted by a Hare krishna lady, and I accidentally started teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and how this knowledge aids us. My friend just laughed telling me “habits die hard don’t they?!?!”

We had institute Wednesday evening, what was rather disappointing .. I don’t think I have ever sat socially with a group of YSA who were so rude to each other or swore as much as they did.

However the lesson itself was great we were discussing Temple ordinances and how they aid us in fulfilling our divine potential as Son’s and Daughter’s of God.

Thursday morning hit hard. I just wanted to be out proselyting.  the whole day seemed weird.

Friday was great. Mum made, cheeses and ice cream, I read the King Follett discourse to my mum and we had a great discussion on it.

Saturday I hit the gym hard, it was great. I was dead at the end of it. However we ran errands most of the day.

We had a RS activity that was about RS through the years. I then came home and built a tent with the Niece and Nephews. Where we cuddled just had fun before bed.

Sunday always will be the best day of the week. For multiple reasons.

Despite the fact I only had 45 minutes of sleep church was a spiritual feast.

Also getting to sit there and listen with my nephew on my knee just makes life feel a bit more complete. There is a comfort and peace with those you love being united. I also got to teach the Restoration to the Senior Primary kids, getting to explain the priesthood and How much God loves us to restore it after the apostasy was great. But Just the feeling of getting to bear testimony was amazing. That is probably the thing i miss most, getting to bear testimony constantly and the power behind it.

So getting to bear Testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power i felt behind it was an absolute treasure.

Elders came up for dinner and we compared scripture Lols,

then we went to a fireside about Family History and the Temple.

It was a wonderful Sabbath and I am so grateful the The Lord gave us the Sabbath to take time to remember Him, to Renew our covenants, and to put aside the things of the World.

if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Many Prayers,

Sister Priston-Turner

P.S. most of this week was pouring rain, hail and bits of snow…. I miss Aussie heat 😦

Black eyes, spiked heels, and piles of children

Good Merry Monday!

First I want to say I hope you have had a good week and have seen the many miracles in your life.

Something I’ve been pondering recently is “Forget not the why of the Gospel”

throughout the scriptures peoples downfall often seems to be either .. forgetting things the ought to remember or remembering things they ought to forget.  Throughout the scriptures we are invited to remember many precious truths and to not Forget many things. However somehow we can seem to forget.

We forgot our life before earth, we had to. But simply if we had remembered, how much easier would of our life here become? How much more clarity would we have, and I believe we would look at everything with a more eternal perspective.

But we all fall short, forgetting is a Part of Human nature, something we need to fight to over come, to constantly draw closer to God. Learn and embrace His teachings. As we do so he influences our lives, we stay close to those teachings and we are less likely to forget because we are actively applying them.

Hence why The lord asks us to do things… to actively do those things that help us remember.

we are the ones who turn our backs on Him… this is why I love the song “Come thou fount of every blessing”
specially these two verses :

Here I raise my Ebenezer,
Hither by Thy help I’ve come,
And I hope, by Thy good pleasure,
Safely to arrive at home.
Jesus sought me when a stranger,
Wandering from the fold of God,
He, to rescue me from danger,
Interposed His precious blood.

Oh, to grace how great a debtor
Daily I’m constrained to be,
Let that grace now like a fetter
Bind my wandering heart to Thee:
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love.
Here’s my heart, oh, take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.

well this week honestly has been mildly uneventful.
I’ve been living between my home and the gym, occasional church activities. I’ve applied for work.
Early Thursday morning, i tripped on something my cat had knocked onto the floor and landed eyes/head first on an old column heater. resulting in a nice black eye, and a few cuts. Not to mention the Solid headache I’ve had from it! because that is what everyone wants at 5am in the morning. Hahaha
Spent all of friday with mum making sheep cheese, Yoghurt and Ice cream!
made 8Litres of milk into feta. then 8Litres into Ice cream. and 2Litres into yoghurt.
   We had a Japanese YSA evening, where the small group of us made sushi and played traditional Japanese games.
Honestly, I think one of the greatest blessings about being home is seeing the way My step dad (a still fairly new member, with no previous religious upbringing) is as a Bishop. The calling has changed Him, the Lord guides and magnifies Him daily.
He has become one of those priesthood Holders who respects that power, who strives constantly to magnify that calling and rely on the Lord, He is the convert we all wish we could have. If those I was blessed to serve are in for years time as strong as He is now, I will be insanely proud.
We celebrated Fathers day the only way i know how, practical man gifts for the man who likes Roasts, and a Card full of Dad worthy Puns!
Also being my step sisters 30th birthday we all got together and had dinner, I got squished by the three kids who wanted cuddles and then in the end my youngest nephew kept saying “you aren’t leaving im keeping you” and hugging tighter. then when I had to leave he yelled “BYE MUM, IM STAYING WITH KITA”
he was not happy to be forced off me, and i wish i could’ve had him for the night. But this just makes us having them next weekend so much better!
I just often Find myself so very thankful for all of the things the Lord blesses me with, including you!
I love getting messages from the members in Australia (if only they would stop using guilt to get me to come back ) messaging and hearing from investigators about all of the things they are applying, The work is moving forward. There are changes in peoples lives that you may not even be aware of.
So keep pushing forward, keep seeking the Lord’s will and giving your all.
My love and prayers are with you always!

Love Sister Priston-Turner

Transfers o.O

Well Hello!

I hope you have had an amazing spirit filled week!

so it has been that time again, and transfers came and went.

I hope we are all seeing our purpose for where we are and what we are here to achieve.

It has been crazy and it was the shortest trip of my life to get to my new area. It came way too fast.

It took about 3/4 hours to get to my area. The ride wasn’t bad, it was a little bumpy. However we got food along the way.

I was blessed to speak to a lovely lady from England who was on the same transport as me. She was on her way to visit her brother. She actually was an inactive Jehovah’s witness. Incredibly lovely.

Arriving to my new area was quiet a sight. People were there to greet me, but my companion wasn’t there. so that was strange.

This week has been a massive culture shock for me. The weather has dropped dramatically (17 degree drop Celsius, or 62 in Fahrenheit) It also is raining a lot more in this area.

The Culture is so different, people sound different. they have their own kind of weird messed up accent and I am not sure what they say at times.

I found out within 3 hours of landing in this new area  that I have been called to be a no-badge missionary. Crazy right?

SO new area, new culture, No-Badge, No area book, and No companion. Well it looks like I am heading out on and adventure!

I have to get to work, get to studying and Find that companion 😉

Ultimately I am so thankful for my last four areas. It was been a blessing to serve both in Australia and New Zealand.

To meet wonderful people such as yourself, and to learn from you and your example. They never said going on a mission would be easy (I’m sure it is called a mission for a reason)  But we know it will be worth it.

The Lord works many miracles as we strive to remain close to him through willing obedience to all that He asks. Obedience is an act of faith, accepting the Lord’s all knowing wisdom over our limited knowledge.

We however can continue to act in faith, striving to become as close to the Lord as we can. Pushing forward everyday giving our all and seeing the miracles that Will come.

I am so thankful for everything you do and continue to do.

If i can help in anyway at all please let me know!

Lets all go smash it this transfer!!!

Much Love and Many Prayers,
Sister Priston-Turner

Here, There, and Everywhere

Hello everyone!

Well this week has  been amazing yet crazy.
we had zone conference, and I had a good talk with my mission president.
Penrith Zone June-July 2016Silly Penrith Zone

then on thursday night, The Amazing Kirby’s along with my dearest old companion Sister Delgado had a surprise Birthday dinner for me. What was amazing and so kind! then afterwards whilst at the train station some guy came over and was trying to tell us he was a God and that we need to bow down to him. however, Elder Lynch and Elder Blake were there and Elder Lynch kindly stepped forward and asked him in the Name of Christ to leave.
friday we had trade off we met many people and saw many miracles.
Saturday we ended up visiting un planned people. I got mistaken as my companions daughter.
well i am short on time.
Just remember that God is good and He loves you ,

I love you and pray For you always!
Sister Priston-Turner

Weeks of..?

so two weeks ago was crazy busy with new transfers, new companion and everything. we started strong.
But sunday night we got flooded out. pouring rain, floods most of the night knee-waist deep. however we still went out and proselyted trying to do the Lords work. we had probably too much fun. got soaked to the bone and saw miracles…. no one was baptised because of this … yet. even though the streets were deep enough in water to be a font! hahaha
All our stuff in our bags got wrecked… My scripture covers came off and we had to dry everything infront of our heater.
then this week is a blurr.
we had a great week. Busy and happy.
worked hard and saw many miracles. we had training meetings, lunch with half of the zone and just a fabulous week of teaching.
Saturday night the elders had wonderful timing and turned up at our flat singing happy birthday … as i was getting changed. so i missed a first part of it. But they came bearing gifts of LnP…. bitter sweet peanut slab and a giant fruit cake/ display with melted dark choc on it. (they did something seriously right, these men know how to do it!) the sisters in the flat said “they know the key to a woman’s heart” all very impressed!

sunday was a normal sunday. Lots of meetings and visiting people.

these weeks are a blurr of laughter rain happiness and miracles.
God is real and He loves us,

I love you,
Sister Priston-Turner

Down hill From here!

‘ello everyone!

So believe it or not I am officially past half way of my mission.
Do you have any idea how crazy I currently feel?

Inline image 1

On monday I saw saw 4 naked men at a hidden beach in part of our area…. NOT COOL!
there is a reason our mission president has Red Zones!
Tuesday we went to the temple as a zone and had a wonderful temple session!

Wednesday we had interviews with our mission President!

Thursday we had a wonderful district meeting and then a great day!

Friday we had some appointments and went to different parts of our Area

Saturday we talked to people all day, all day  then had transfer calls. I had been assigned to the University Area working on campus here in sydney. I  got told by a Japanese lady that the little Japanese i could speak was beautiful and on point with pronunciation, That really made my day!

Sunday I gave a talk about raising an eternal family. my companion gave her farewell testimony along with both elders. late at night President called me and said that there is a visa Waiter coming for a few weeks and she needs to be close to the airport. so He is reassigning me to claremont meadows for the next transfer. so thus I move yet again!


I know I said i was going to be 100% honest with the blog posts to express the honest side of serving with previous mental health issues.
To be honest I have been blessed my entire mission thus far. I have never been happier, or has this much energy.
I am the last person to admit to struggling, honestly. But the past few week have been really tough, I really didn’t want to admit this, specially to anyone who knows me personally back home.
I haven’t felt so consistently anxious in a very long time. It is hard to go out and talk to people all day everyday when your stomach is permanently in a knot, and you feel sick all day. But you force yourself to move forward. you pray and do a Mild Enos at every given chance to have strength. your sleepless nights (because everyone knows i suck at sleeping) become a weird blurr of thoughts on what to do better, how you need to improve and all your shortcomings. What are a lot if you’ve seen my height. (some humour to lighten up the mood?)
Appetite drops, and nothing seems to kill the anxiety. But you know that this something you have to deal with. Its scary and weird. Something you know need to try push through but the shaking hands and occasional crying that you manage to somehow conceal from your companion doesn’t help.
you cannot help but feel completely ridiculous Because you love being a missionary, and you love everything about it. But the anxiety is there and it makes everything harder than it should be. I hate it, honestly. the constant pain in the stomach and heart pounding. It feels mildly never-ending. But I know that the Lord will provide a way. I am here for a reason. I will do what I can. I know the Lord will help me make all the right choices!

I love you all very much, if times are hard, stay close to the Lord

Sister Priston-Turner

a week of what? – march 29th

Lest favorite part of the mission so far.

Being up all night throwing up… yes steve … have a chuckle … she just vomitted lol.

we then had an amazing Easter weekend. Relief society birthday. Church and an Easter Musical fireside we were a part of. it was beautiful.

then on monday night  we went on an adventure over our dinner break 😀

anyway….. this week was interesting and insightful

I want to leave you with a quick truth.

Jesus is the Christ, He lives!


14 days of white rice

mmmm after 14 days of nothing but white rice for food…. and apple was a welcomed treat this week 😀

This wee has been interesting to say the least.
We had zone conference … it was great, and powerful.

we Taught a man in a cave on tuesday evening.

So many spiritual experiences. Awesome moments.

we were meant to go into the city today. but it is pouring down with rain and freezing cold…. by freezing i mean like 30 degrees and lower.
Life is good.

we have the easter fireside this weekend.
so that shall be exciting.

Something I was thinking about this week is:
“O the wisdom of God, his mercy and grace! For behold,if the flesh should rise no more our spirits must become subject to that angel who fell from before the presence of the Eternal God, and became the devil, to rise no more” (2 Nephi 9:8).

How because God loves us so much he provided His son, to free us from the other. The plan of salvation and out happiness is central to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
The Atonement is his love and mercy to save us all. If it wasn’t to the Atonement the plan would cease to exist and if the plan didn’t exist to help us out of Love, God would cease to be God, therefore we would not be and everything as we know it would be gone.
For The atonement of Jesus Christ is central to All Human History!
to the creation of the world, to our life and the eternities.

Speaking of that wonderful Easter Morning:

When the women came to the tomb, they found it open and empty. The angels had tarried to tell them the greatest news ever to fall on human ears: “He is no there: for he is risen, as he said” (Matthew 28:6)

This is the Joyous news, the most important news that has ever been, followed only by the Restoration of the Gospel.

This Easter week, I invite all of you to ponder the importance of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and His great sacrifice for us all.

The Most Important and precious thing I know is, He Lives!
He leads and guides this church. It is that simple. He Lives and I shall lift my voice in praises to my Lord and saviour through who all things were made possible!

If you do not yet know this for yourself, I want you to know I do, and you can too. I invite you to learn, to seek the word of  God and experiment upon it in faith. So that you can know of the Joyous thing for yourself.

I love you! I Love my Lord!

~Sister Priston-Turner xx

life be busy march 14 2016

God lives, I know this.
Jesus is the Christ,
they love you, and because of this they restored their Gospel through the boy Joseph smith! because of Him the priesthood continues in an unbroken line on the Earth today. we have a lving prophet whom i love and sustain!
The book of mormon is the word of God.
They lead and guide this work.
These things I know and  could never deny. The name through whom all is made possible, even Jesus Christ, Amen